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Fattoush Salad


Mixed Vegetables, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Mint, Sumac, Crunchy Bread...



Falafel  and Pickles, Turnip, Showered in Tahini Sauce

Grape Leaves


Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice, Parsley, Tomatoes and Seasoned with...



Blended Chickpeas Tossed with Fresh Garlic, Lemon Juice and Tahini...

Baba Ganouj


BBQ Eggplant Roasted with Fresh Garlic, Lemon Juice and Tahini...

Tabbouleh Salad


Fine Cracked Wheat Mixed with Diced Tomatoes, Parsley, Onions, Mint,...

Greek Salad


Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions, Calamato, Whole Olives with Special Greek...

Zucchini Sticks


Chicken Tender Strips (3 Pcs)


Chicken Nugget (10 Pcs)




$2.50 Each